Monday, June 27, 2005

All Tomorrow's Parties



I am at a library computer and am going to be shut down in 6 minutes soooo lets get to it!

I haven't been able to blog in a bit so I just wanted to drop in and say hi and remind you to look in later this week.

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Porchsleeper has a new CD and we will be featuring a link to a new preview!

JP Lilliston, who played killer guitar on my CD "King" has some new recordings of his own and we will have some samples for ya as well!

A song by song preview of my third CD!

A bunch of comments on the latest Supreme Court decisions!

And much more.

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Joe Nolan

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just Like Viet Nam

Joe Nolan's Insomnia



Tomorrow will be my birthday.

The last few years my birthdays have been immediately preceded by unprecedented personal growth punctuated by some personal/intense/acute realization of deeper understanding that seems to result in a type of healing: an internal integration that leads to a more fully realized understanding of my self and my place in the world.

Not a bad gift.

I suffer from sleep paralysis, a phenomenon that is spoken of widely in relation to out of body experiences and alien abduction phenomenon.

In my opinion, we all leave the body in deep sleep and the "entities" etc. That are reported in these cases are either/and/or: an hallucino- rationalization to cope with the consciousness of separation of the subtle and gross bodies, archetypical characters in a dream dialog, astral entities. Probably all of the above in some strange mixture.

Our dreams offer us lessons that we need to learn. Dreaming is an educative process that teaches us deep lessons regarding the people we are capable of being and the role we are playing in the birth of this new world (don't plead ignorance).

A few nights ago I woke up 4 times during the night paralyzed and frightened and haunted by threatening dreams. I have visions of dark beings in my house and the feeling is dreadful and very scary. The last time I woke up I closed my eyes again.

I have had nights like this before. The last lesson I learned from this kind of dreaming came in the form of a calm reassuring voice in my mind. I was dreaming I was in some kind of barracks. I've had many dreams of being an American soldier in Asia all my life, but I can never place the war/country. In the barracks I felt like I was in some kind of school: a dream academy.

I was paralyzed in my dream and, again, afraid. I struggled again and again to fight my way out of this state and once I finally had, I heard the voice.

All in all it said something like: "We've all been watching you for a long time. We all have a special feeling for you and the fact that you will fight so ceaselessly and every time you are faced with fear you never do anything but attack the source of your fear no matter how scared you are. Most people can't do this and we all know who you are because this is very unusual. However, as remarkable as this is, it is not the most efficient for your purposes here at this school. The key is to not be afraid in the first place. Don't be so concerned about breaking free and attacking the source of your fear, fear not and transcend.

Ok so the other night I went back to sleep after waking and reminded myself to be calm and suddenly, without fear and the passion that fear inspires, I sat up on the edge of my bed and quickly sprinted out into my living room, grabbed up my kung fu broadsword and straight into the darkness where I sensed my enemies.

Immediately, I woke up again still paralyzed, but washed in a deep sense of healing and victory and wisdom and love and peace.

The next afternoon I realized something special had happened and that I had received my birthday present.

Thank You.



here are some presents for you:

This is the best new CD I have heard in a long time. It is a couple of years old now, but still new enough. I got a copy of it from some red-head I was kissin' on who was getting rid of her CD's. Thanks Ramona.

Here is some interesting info on the Supreme Court's medical marijuana ruling. Simply stated the SC has decided that if your state declares medical marijuana legal and your doctor prescribes it for you, you can still be prosecuted for possession/cultivation etc. Under federal law.

There is also an attempt to put a benign face on the whole thing by saying that this doesn't mean the feds will actually follow through. This is moronic at best as the only reason the SC heard the case at all is because of a 2 year old law suit stemming from a home invasion by DEA agents attacking a sick woman obeying her doctors orders regarding managing her extreme pain.

If California had a man for a Governor instead of a lying Nazi I would like to see any and all National Guard troops from that state called back to Cali to barricade all the biggest hospitals, clinics that are willing to publicly state their advocacy of medical marijuana, their belief in the sacred nature of the doctor-patient relationship (which should never ever even be brought up in the context of national politics) and their unbending will in matters of the sovereignty of California to decide these things for themselves without fear of Federal interference.

Any attempt by the feds to interfere with these sick people getting what they need should be met with a hail of lead.

There should be soldiers on the ground and people in the streets in all ten states that have enacted similar even minded proposals.

To hell with this government. It is rotten to the core and we need to start all over again.

That's not constructive or optimistic, but I think it is a sound critique.

Leave me a comment and wish me a happy birthday!


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