Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas



it is now 2:18 am here in Michigan.

Christmas morning!

I hope everyone in the whole world is enjoying a peaceful moment as I write this. We know that is not true. We also know that the idea begins the reality.

I am typing all of this out on my Mother's computer with dial - up internet access and I only hope that this post isn't destroyed when I publish it in about 20 minutes. That is the extent of my worry at the moment. I am full of food and wine and am being inundated with messages from well-wishers via every medium available. I assume many of you may be finding yourselves in the same position over the next few days.

Rember there is almost no place for guilt in this world. Most of the time when we feel guilty it is really not ours to feel. It is ridiculous for a rich man to feel "guilt" at a poor man's poverty. In the meantime Justice is Everyone's business and I believe that many of us (in my communities anyway) have done a great job this year working against the new fronts of tyranny and criminal control in our country, but we can do more, much more and because that is true we MUST do more.

Not because we feel guilty (oh, I almost puked a little there) but because our blood boils at the sight of injustice and because we have decided to put more of ourselves on the line as we look into the dark eyes of the days to come.

You don't have to be a Christian to borrow directly from the Spiritual traditions of this Holy-Day and remeber that the best inside of each and every one of us is Light and Love and Understanding.

Combine that potential with an iron-rod-spine incapable of compromise in the face of Fear and you are a real motha fucka, motha fucka.

On that note here are a couple of gifts I created for you all while I was stranded in the airport for 6 hours on Wednesday.

"Poem of Advent"

Good morning curls halo my
head at the crack of crackling dawn
and I salute the high, golden, cock-
sure sun with last night's
wine and
the assurance of the magic
mind that lives in my own like
a Pollux and
a parasite.

We are separated by a Paradise.

It does separate us -

and it is

a Paradise.

And a new song:

"Faraway Sound"

Seen my baby walkin'
Seen her turn away
Seen my baby leave me
On a Winter's day

When a raindrop crashes to the sidewalk
it makes a tiny crown
When a teardrop crashes to the sidewalk
it makes a faraway sound

The day I met my baby
The day of the eclipse
I thought hey, Joe, maybe you should kiss those secret lips

When there's a black shadow on the sun
There's no shadow on the ground
And the shadow of your lover leaving
Makes a faraway sound

Ma cheri est la mer
Oui ma cheri est le soleil et la lune
Elle est printemps, elle est automne
Elle est septembre, elle est juin

Seen my little baby
Smiling in a Dream
Like a stack of bullets
In a black magazine

And a Dream ain't nothin' but a Slave
who's bonds have come unbound
And a Slave rushing through the rushes
makes a faraway sound

God Bless Us, Every One.

Big Love and Fierce Joy,

Joe Nolan

Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Chorus of Blazing Angels

again with the late
night insomnia-
amnesiac early mornings soaked in dreams and
erotic seclusion and delusions of
the standard bearer falls into a wall of
and panic.
what it is
(all this night and black-dark
is that which it is not.
not light.
not bright.
not bound to illumination but cut
loose in indigo
and a war on the other side of the world wakes babies
in bomb fields at the end of
at the end of
this world-
and I wonder at the world that follows
on the footfalls of this new Empire.
Horus climbs on a chorus of blazing angels to a new
throne in a new
sky and I
in my sleepy rags and paranoia
suffer vertigo at the dreaming of it all.
in these hours i become lycanthrope:
animal and
man and
my eyes fill with
and my mind fills
with numbers and my
heart fills with famine in the knowing of these
unquenchable sensibilities.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Der Commissar's in town (uh-oh)...

and now all of this comes
to an end
on a too-soon twilit winter's
two weeks 'til solstice and
no sign
of the sun-

the courage of a people
fails on
the fears of a people
and the Man in the Mirror screams


at the plainest of passersby-
passing by on the way to mass
consumption and consecration of a black
promise with the whore-
heart of Amerika-

and the king in his crown
brazen and luxurious-
furious! in his righteousness, malice
and mal-mouthed inequities-

the maladies of the poor:
the melodies of Power
(the music of the movement of the thing itself)-

If an Emperor snarls in the woods
and you ignore the ravings of the insane,
will you hear the breaking seal
when your fate is loosed to the whirlwind?

"They are asleep, they do not know they are asleep and I want to awaken them from their self-imposed lethargy."
- Antonin Artoud

"What is required at this time is a fundamental change in the human heart: each and every human heart, finally and irrevocably. The People, as always, have The Power. There are no Heroes, Leaders, Archimagi or Gods that will intercede on our behalf."
- Joe Nolan

Only the humble have hearts to hold the the whole of the host.
Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a Killer in Heaven.

Joe Nolan

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Last Night I Had a Dream

wake me from a dream
of the arithmetic of the sky.
the patterns of darkness weave a nighttime
out of
solitude and
who are all these searchers searching seething
horizons for the sails of knowing?
Icarus stains the indigo with courage and hubris.
some of us contemplate truth in our dreams -
some of us murder -
some of us shudder to think our own thoughts knowing this
is the ultimate treason.
mutiny and morpheus conspire a firebomb and
an assasination.

Joe Nolan

Monday, December 06, 2004

Bon Soir

Just a quick blog to sum up the last few days.

Went out with Niki on Friday to see Jerry Hager live at The Family Wash.

We ran into Kelly and Mark and shared their table while we checked out the show.

After we went out to the Shelby pedestrian bridge and watched the river flow.

On Saturday I went to see Lain York's show at Zeitgeist and really enjoyed it.

After I hung out with all the usual suspects including Catie, who I don't see as much since she moved to M'boro and Sarah who I don't see as much since she left the 'hood. Catie and I were Kung Fu fighting at P.M. after Nathanael was done playing and Sarah and I went back to my place to watch Boo Bah, because it's insane.

Anyway it's late and I am going to bed.

Joe Nolan