Saturday, August 28, 2004



Here it comes.

First , thanks to you (Catie, Beth, Aleta, The Phoe) who have been giving me the business about the general lack of bloggin' around.

You asked for it....

Let's get started with an email I sent to Mark Christopher. He is a talk host in Nashville. He is a conservative christian and tends toward all the subjects and opinions you'd expect.

On the good side he is more truly conservative than most of his ilk, which means he calls out criminals like George Bush when they don't fit the rightist agenda. On the bad side he has a way of generalizing about the left (as if there is such a thing (beyond the figment of the collective mediated spectacle that stands in as a puppet for "the progressive population" of the "electorate")) and he comes off like an unthinking fool when he does this. He also has a disgusting, disingenuous way of laughing at all of his own jokes that makes my skin crawl.

He's not all bad.

he asked a question on his show the other night and - godblesshim- he gave me the opportunity to lob this little chaosbomb I've been putting together for awhile.


Hey Mark.

Allow me to answer a question you asked of a young woman who called your show tonight. She was concerned about the Patriot Act, especially as it applies to library books and privacy etc.

You asked her, essentially, "how many people are you willing to sacrifice before you compromise your Liberties?"

Let me tell you how many Mark: All of Us. Every Last One.

The Liberties we are guaranteed in our Constitution are ours - not because we are American Citizens - but because, as Human Beings, these Liberties are Rights endowed us by Our Creator, which is to say, they are God-Given.

Our bodies and our physical lives are also given by Our Creator. How do I choose one at the cost of the other? This is the question you raise: a ratio of life/liberty; and a zero-sum game at that: winner take all.

I choose the Spirit over the Flesh.

With a tear in my eye for my love of this sad-broken world I choose Liberty over Life -

Give me Liberty or give me Death!

(They have always kissed one another in the back of the Mind of Man. The Master is always The Slave of The Slave. The Snake swallows its own tail. The Rabbit runs back to the hole and The Criminal returns to the scene of The Crime.)

Bring me Lady Liberty with her red hair and her smile full of Sex and Guns and sweet, sweet Soul.

widowed by Liberty,
is a hag and a harpy.

A loathsome facsimile:
a pantomime:
an inelegant charade.

It's an Eminence Front. It's a put-on.

Life without Liberty is a boot in the neck and the sky come loose from its moorings.

(A howling maw devours the world.)

As for Death...

A man finds his own comfort with his own undiable-death as he does with his own unlivable-life:

he gets on with it.

It is, in the end, the way of all things.

This is the time of the Poet-Warrior - which is The Hero.

Heroes face the Face of Death.

More than any other quality that is what the word conjures since The Beginning. Heroes maintain their Liberties, their Souls, with the fervor of their Spirit and the broken strength of their breaking bodies and a sword is raised and a tongue is tart with tears as a mouth opens wide and a cracking (like a cannonball through a Main Mast) breaks open a Space in Time and a word crashes out of the Heavens at the trilling of that trumpet: Liberty!

There are Fates worth than death.

You're either Free, or you're not Free.

The best to you Mark,


"All Art is Martial Art." :

Whew. That was sweet. And by sweet, I mean CHERRY.

Ok so how about that Rep Convention.


Something tells me that a NY that draws a line in front of every mofo there to make a real, Constitutionally Protected, point about their problems with the current administration, is a NY where lines will be crossed. That is the way it works.

If you make enough things illegal everyone becomes a criminal-

And Crime Pays.

Crime Pays the Criminals that create the criminals.

Get ready for some nasty maggots in the cop-rotten apple.

This is a shout out to Nolan and Peter and all you Irish in Chicago where I had the misfortune of meeting you sorry boozers after Jean-Paul (Detroit Slide) Lilliston's wedding to Julie Blosser.

Next time I come there I guess I'll have to show you (especially Nolan) how to drink again.

;) (thanks guys)


Ok so I am talking to Guinevere right now and she just pointed me in the right direction.


Hans and I were working at the museum today and we started talking about how almost every Western movie is about Revenge.

He was going into his theories on Sergio Leone's aesthetic of Revenge and it got me thinking.

Living well is the best Revenge.

Walk away. Enemies have a way of killing themselves off.

Vampires have a way of feeding off each other in the absence of willing victims.

(Predators prey on the weak (the willing?). Wolf doesn't ask why it's a wolf. Deer doesn't ask why it's a deer.)

On that note I leave the warm glow of my sweet cyclop's eye and lower my shoulder into the night.

First PM then off the Villager.

A full report follows:

Beth and I have just returned from PM and The Villager.

She just had another successful art opening. This time at Watkins.

Check it out!

More soon:

Ok so ...

The Magus of the Tarot


The Silver Surfer

Of Marvel Comics

are the same thing.

The Good and
The Evil
separated by the thinnest of

I am on my way to the Library with Catie. I have 2 videos to return:
"Manhattan" and
"Pirates" - a TLC doc about...wait for it...pirates."

Ok so this whole year I have been trying to come up with a list of My top ten favorite films. I have started to winnow down the candidates by deciding on my favorite movies by my favorite directors.

Here are some -

Scorsese: "Goodfellas"
Coppola: "Apocalypse Now"
Cassavetes: "Faces"
Allen: "Manhattan"
Coen: "Raising Arizona"
Ferrara: "The Addiction"
Godard: "Pierrot le Fou"
Aronofsky: "PI"
Malick: "Badlands"
Van Sant: "Drugstore Cowboy"
Fincher: "Fight Club"
Tarantino: "Pulp Fiction"
Stone: "JFK"
Gallo: "Buffalo '66"
P.T. Anderson: "Magnolia"
Wes Anderson: "The Royal Tennenbaums"
Welles: "A Touch of Evil"
Lynch: "Wild at Heart"
Moore: "Bowling for Columbine"
Kurosawa: "Ran"
Stevens: "Giant"
Bertolucci: "Last Tango in Paris"
Herzog: "Fitzcarraldo"
Capra: "It's a Wonderful Life"
Ford: "The Searchers"
Peckinpah: "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia"
Penn: "Indian Runner"
Fellini: "La Strada"
Speilberg: "Jaws"
Kubrick: "The Shining"
Sayles: "Lonestar"
Jarmusch: "Dead Man"
Linklater: "Waking Life"
Solonz: "Happiness"
Verhoven: "Starship Troopers"
Lee: "Malcolm X"
Woo: "The Killer"
Lee: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
Guest: "Waiting for Guffman"
Judge: "Office Space"
Smith: "Dogma"
Carpenter: "They Live"
De Palma: "Scarface"

I am giving my painting to Caroline.

She really wants it. She wants it more than I want to do anything with it. She gets it. She says she going to screw it into the ceiling and I see a head rolling in the shadow of the Bastille.

Only the humble have Nothing to offer - and give it away for free.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.

Be a Killer in Heaven.


"All Art is Martial Art"