Monday, March 16, 2009

The King of May

Happy Monday!

How about another old-school poem to set the ol' steps in the right direction...

The Straits of Magellan (by Joe Nolan)

strange and true and green and huge and


beneath seven miles

of ocean.

reflecting blades of daybreak

grass, breaking toward the break

of day and breaking

into the space

of the sky

at the far horizon.


like an art

and like a knife.

a blue-green hue,

that line where the sky meets the sea.

and the rowers row to oblivion,

straining rum-soaked


and sun-stroked


hallucinating J├ęsus walking on water

in the shape of a slaughtered

lamb, bleeding

good luck




to the bottom of the blue.

falling, failing, dove-less olives

returning to Atlantis.

deep, deep down where the dead men go,

on their way

to the center

of the earth.

As a special bonus, here is another poem by Allen Ginsberg. The King of May was inspired by Ginsberg's deportation from Cuba to Prague. Welcomed as a hero in Czechoslovakia, Ginsberg was crowned King of May during the May Day parade. Having seen enough, the Czechs sent Ginsy back to London.

This is a great Spring poem.

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