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Here's where you can check out Joe's music for yourself!

All songs are available in Hi Fi and Lo Fi streams to suit your internet connectivity. All music is also available for free download! It is Joe's policy that all songs be available for free download to anyone interested in exploring his music.

However, there are two caveats -

First, if you download it share it! Burn it! Rip it! Convert it! WinMX it! Spread the word and be part of the new solution when it comes to building an audience for this music and this site. Right click on the "download" button of the song you want, pick "save target as" and assign it to your preferred music folder.

Second, purchasing Joe's merchandise (coming soon), Joe's music and attending Joe's shows is what ultimately makes all of this possible.

'Nuff said.

Enjoy the music!

Plain Jane CD

Sanfransisco Girl Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
This opening song from "Plain Jane" was written on a cross country road trip while travelling through Steinbeck country.

Rush Hour Blues Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
This song was inspired by two other songs: The Soul Survivors classic "Expressway to Your Heart" and "One-way", a song from Sesame Street.

Shipwreck Song Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
This song was written on a cold day in May. That's Joe on the psychedelic penny whistle.

Young and Beautiful Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
This song started off Lou Reed and ended up Mellencamp. A slower ballad version has become a favorite at Joe's live solo performances.

Henry Died in Dm Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Inspired by Sam Shepard's "Suicide in Bb."

Mad, Bad and Dangerous Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
"He's mad, bad and dangerous to know." - Catherine Lamb speaking of her lover, Lord Byron.

Plain Jane Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Written on a manual typewriter; cafe noir et vin rouge.

Hootenanny Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
A song born of late nights with Jean-Paul Lilliston and friends in the Dirty South.

Fat Lady and the Clown Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
A song that was actually inspired by a faucet dripping in slow motion in John Singleton's "Boys in the Hood."

Lady Lucy's Soulfood Emporium Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
"The South is the only place in the States where you can get really interesting food." - Mick Jagger (paraphrased from "Cocksucker Blues".)

Brown-eyed Boy Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
"I don't believe in Modern Love." - Mr. Bowie

King CD

Have You Seen My Baby Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Well, have you?

Walkin' with the King Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
"King of the Road" on psychedelics, performed by the disembodied head of John The Baptist.

Get Behind Me Satan Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Inspired by a lyric from the reggae band Burning Spear, inspired by a lyric from Rastaman Jesus (aka The Lamb of God).

Ramblin' Down the Highway Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
A Girl, a Car, The Lord of the Flies, The Lord of the Light...what can a poor boy do, but sing for a rock 'n roll band?

In Our Time Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Inspired by the Hemingway title and Joe's life-long obsession with Smokey Robinson.

Serenade Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Spoken word through a distortion box. Started out Laurie Anderson and ended up Fred Hampton.
That's Joe on the sax.


Blue Turns Black Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
An unreleased song that will appear on Joe's upcoming 3rd CD. The earliest versions of this song were written just before September 11th 2001.

Dream in the Doorway Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Another unreleased song scheduled to be a cut on the upcoming CD. The original version of this song finished by summing up star-crossed love with the imfamous line "Baby, even killers get to hope for some reprieve."

Henry Died in Dm Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
The crowd favorite off of the critically acclaimed "Plain Jane".

Dead Man Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
This song will be on Joe's upcoming 3rd CD. This song can be seen as a compliment to the girl-on-the-run saga, "Plastic Jesus".

Rush Hour Blues Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Joe tells the story behind the song and then bursts into a little "King of the Road" for good measure.

Plain Jane Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
A solid performance of one of Joe's best tunes.

See About You (See About Me) Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Another song from Joe's upcoming new LP CD; already a live favorite.

Emily Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
If your name is Emily, this song is for you. Just you. Really.

Heartbreak Hotel Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
This is a Joe Nolan arrangement of the May Axton penned Presley classic. Smokin'.

San Fransisco Girl Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Many have said that Joe's recorded music has yet to live up to the energy of his live performances. This is what they're talking about.

Brown-Eyed Boy Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Classic Joe.

Fat Lady and the Clown Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
Great Performance of one of Joe's best known songs.


REvolution Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
A different version of this unreleased song will be appearing on Joe's forthcoming CD. This version was recorded as the soundtrack for a film project being directed by the multimedia artist Chris Rubin de la Borbolla.

Plastic Jesus Download Hi Fi Lo Fi
"Plastic Jesus" is an attempt at a sort of impressionistic noir. In some ways, "' Jesus" marks an aesthetic bridge between Joe's early music through the songs collected on "Plain Jane" and the music on "King" and after.

Demo (hifi stream only)

Paradise Download Hi Fi Recorded by Richard Feaster at the famous "Castle" studio in Nashville, "Paradise" is a weird little song with a nice harp break.

Rocky Marciano Download Hi Fi
"Rocky '" was composed on the computer by spinning a bass loop (most of the track is simply this cherry loop, groovin' round and round), creating a drum track and then cutting several takes on the sax together. In editing the saxophone, the reverberation is cut short in several spots, creating a sense of breathlessness, of panic. "It was obvious to all of us that if he ever hit an opponent's body or arms with the full impact of one those punches he was going to take the steam out of them... Even way back then, we were absolutely sure he would someday be the champion of the world..." (witness to Marciano's transition to pro fighting).

Soul Bet Coal Man Download Hi Fi
Over dim sum today my friend and colleague described a passage in A History of Morphine, that describes a supposed origin of the phrase "get hip to." According to the book, opium addicts in England used to smoke long pipes that would rest on their hips as they reclined, leaving calluses and, one would think, burn marks. Thus if you wanted to get into opium, or find out if someone else was, you asked if they were "hip."

All the Same to Me Download Hi Fi
"I have seen you dancin'/But it don't look like surrender/So shiny, so sharp/So vicious and so tender."

All My Love Download Hi Fi
"'Love" is a demo of a song that will be on Joe's 3rd CD. That's Hal Ramer on the second, thick, lead guitar. That's Joe on the keyboard and everything else.