Friday, March 13, 2009

From a Makeshift Bed

Bon soir mes amis.

This is a poem I was reminded of today. Check out more
poems here.

From a Makeshift Bed (by Joe Nolan)

The Ghost haunts my Autumn mind
on the morning after
All Hallows’ Eve.
New-born thoughts
with the symbols of their own demise.
A graveyard in the groin.
A murder on the lips.
This morning, this dawn, upon waking,
I muttered a muddled
and rose from a makeshift bed
in a strange room.
I cast my fortunes
with the Dark Horse Contender.
I cast my nets in black
and pull my treasure
from the pleasure
that throbs beneath
love-sore skin.
And The Eyes shine through
the 11 hundred light
like a shadow on fire.
I desire my love to come to me
I desire her to fall from the sky.
I will call her manna
and I will speak her name
with a great gnashing
of teeth.
I will name her Hannah
and I will meet her over
waffles and syrup
at a pick-up hitch-up
East of Eden,
West of Spokane,
where the name of the night
 is blown
on Pacific winds,
through high blue
trees, that bend
with the ease of death,
taking its toll for a last breath
(a pound of flesh
when a pound of faith is lacking).
And the razing wraith of sunset
overcomes the sky
with the inevitability
of its own
falling blade.
“If we’d stayed here, things would’ve been different.”
“If we’d stayed, we’d’ve reaped The Avalanche.”
And The Hands
shape the shape
of the awkward
(a blunt object to bludgeon
the hour by)
as the hours pass by this witness to
their mean meander.
And on the desert floor,
a salamander
swallows a mantis.
And a shark sinks
to the bottom
of some merciless
And here I still an hour,
for a moment
to devour my love,
coming up through the ice.

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