Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blue Turns Black

Bonjour mes freres et mes soeurs,

All power to the people.

It is a beautiful day in Nashville, TN.

These last few weeks we have been blessed with this amazing weather: bright, sunny, temps in the 70's. It feels like Cali, without the sea-salt smell, and the earthquakes.

My new CD, Blue Turns Black, is in the capable hands of my digital distributor, and will soon be beaming around the globe. In addition, the CD's cover art was completed this week. The covers are based on photos, and drawings by yours truly. I got a lot of help from Tony Doling of the Nashville band Bulb with the Photoshop and layout. Thanks Tony!

Take a look at the new cover art on my myspace page. While your at it, add me as a friend.


Open this browser-based player and preview the entire new CD "Blue Turns Black"
Also, thanks to all of you who have watched and commented on the new video for the song REvolution:

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Be gentle in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Joe Nolan

Open this browser-based player and preview Joe's entire new CD "Blue Turns Black"

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