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I have slowly, but surely, been watching all of Bertolucci's "1900". This film is featured in the great movie "Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession" (by Xan, daughter of John, Cassavetes).

"1900" is about the political history of Italy in the 20th Century, told from the point of view of two best friends. De Niro is the son of a landowner. Gerard is the son of peasants.

Here is what Amazon has to say:

1900 is one of Bernardo Bertolucci's adventures in epic filmmaking that never found the reception he had hoped for. Originally more than six hours long, it was chopped down to four hours for its U.S. release and as a result looked, well, choppy. Eventually, he restored it to five hours--but one wonders at all the effort on behalf of this alternately muddled and stunning story. The film, with a decidedly socialist agenda, examines two lives that begin the same year in rural Italy: the weak-willed son of the aristocracy (Robert De Niro) and the hardy, courageous son of peasants (Gerard Depardieu). They grow up as best friends on the same estate, until class differences pull them apart and then the era's fascist politics divide them for good. Despite strong performances by both leads, as well as Sterling Hayden, Donald Sutherland, Dominique Sanda, and Burt Lancaster, this one is strictly for Bertolucci's most avid fans.

I don't really agree with the end of this review. This movie is great.

Workers of the World, get drunk and married and naked and kill and be killed and live and die make a movie of it all!

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Love, Joe Nolan


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