Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Invitation and Farewell

Amigos y amigas,

Bienvenido a la Nada.

"I had a friend who believed in UFO's"

This grey morning I
walk between the cracks.
to the seen of the crime:
the true, original vision.

This grey morning I
steer into the current,
escaping the tangled embrace of morning
traffic and autumn
trees and sallow
light in the mist
like a kiss speaking
invitation and

This grey morning I
sit in warm cafes drinking
in something more than

A poster on a board,
at the back,
near the busted fountain says that
"Air is an element".
But I am dreaming Russian

The water that wets the air is -
in turn - grim with earth and
everything's born
from fire.

In grey mornings I
stopped worrying about
tears years ago.
Now, it's the not crying that is worrisome.

Sadness suckles salt.


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Joe Nolan

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