tip of the bomb

Drip Drop

Drip Drop

Full of sex and alliance,


   compounds the Mystery.

I am a stretching leather cat,

   whether you believe it or not.

Reason is the lie creator.

Treason's season follows Apollo's sun.

Yum Yum in the deep green sea.

A  drunken turtle bubbles troubles and hopes.

Dark Buddahbelly

   frogs harmonic disarray,

   funky sex-swamp

   mosquitos are born

   as angels too are born

   in the morning

   when the darkness cracks.

I've lost track in this shambles.

My heart is broken again.

All my friends make me laugh and

   I drink my coffee on behalf of

   the Mexican mother I never knew.

A stone in a shoe.

Sky! Sky! Blue!

I know you knew

   now I know too

   and that makes all the difference.

Separate! Celebrate! Elevate!

Separate! Celebrate! Elevate!

Separate! Celebrate! Levitate!

Don't be late!

The train's pullin' into the station of the crosshairs.

7 dead mares

   on the Black road

   in the Red White of day.

Silver Apache.

Silver effigy.

Sliver of ecstasy.

Shiver of mystery and memory.

So she, then, too, like some strange Christian.

Unmoving. Unmoved.

A mantis with no remorse.

A prayer intoned through a razor.

Spirit, like a beak through the skull.

Show your movie now!

The one with the lightstick and the gasoline name.

The one with the long wick and the lick of crimson flame.

War-for art thou!

Kisses like shrapnel!

The mouths of young girls!

Hot magazine pearls between hungry fingers!

Everywhere a caravan!

Everywhere a number!

Thunder! Distance! Hesitant light!

Lazy violence of slow-rollin' sky.

When did I choose to die and am I still alive?

I saw The Devil

   and I saw there was no Devil.

The underworld is full of cool pools of water.

The Earth has a beautiful belly.

Birth is green and smelly,



   and moss.

Statues submerged in the eye of Neptune.

Cities sinking in a watery dream.

Atlantis schemes eternal return on the propaganda radio.

Flesh and blood and all I can bear

   and then some

   and then some more

   and then break

   the camel's back across

   a drawing board

   and a chalk line!

Goodbye to your Masterplan and your Dowry.

Goodbye to your Doubt and your Glasses.

Goodbye to your Testament and your Heresy.

You are all I dreamed you to be.

It was nothing.

That is everything.

What is man if not beautiful, inelegant and murderous.

Absurd and Mathematic.

Havoc and Courage and Guttenberg's eyes recede into the distance!

This is the quiet listener.



Ballistic Anthrax Lemondrop!

The Death-Ray was born today in a cold place in space.

What has more grace than Blackness?

Swallow The Light whole!

A great flashing fish in the back of the throat!

I wrote this in a dream I could not wake from.

I wrote this on a ream from some unknown China.

My words have turned to sea shells and bullets.

Blowntohell and no sail to raise.

Wish me well in all this praise of endurance and broken noses.