tip of the bomb

Time Tells

I know you, I know you, you’re this and you’re that.
You creep ‘round the corner and hide ‘neath your hat.
Locking the past passed your unwelcome mat.
You know what it is, but I know where it’s atÉ

It’s the fist that fights the hand that’s unheld
The weight of the gate fights the will of the weld.
The fish is the wish of the pearl that is shelled.
Angels are strangers to a Heaven that’s Hell’d.
And the unsung song of the unrung bell sings
Grace is the place where time tells.

I see you, I see you, you’re back and you’re forth.
You ain’t never found your true magnetic north.
I see you found somethin’ less heavy instead.
But it’s so hard to carry your heart in your head.

And all your misfortune comes back to you now.
Like someone is torchin’ your great golden cow.
And all your deceptions have turned into hounds
And your terrible night is full of their sounds.


I liked you, I loved you I left and I laughed.
Your eyes were like lies and your heart made of math.
All that is tragic fights all m Grace is the place where time tells.
agic spells.
Stillness is illness to wrong-ringing bells.
But deep in the darkness no forest is felled.
No stag is dragged no quiet is quelled.
No water is wrought from the blue brimming wells.

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