tip of the bomb

Rush Hour Blues

Step on it taxi-man! Have a heart, it's Friday night.
Don't take no dead-end turns, don't run me into no red light.
I'm headin' downtown, gonna meet my baby there.
She's the girl with the raspberry swirl, pretty pink and purple hair.

Well, I'm sittin' in a taxi, singin' rush hour blues.
Thinkin' 'bout the girl I'm about to lose...ah yeah.

C'mon now, taxi-man, I ain't got no time time for this.
I can almost hear her voice, I can almost taste her kiss.
On the express-way to my baby's heart there's no time to hesitate.
I don't give a damn 'bout this traffic jam, my baby ain't gonna wait.


Traffic cops and four-way stops, road closed, the bridge is out.
This stop-and-go goes oh so slow, it's enough to make you wanna scream and shout.

Stop here taxi-man! This is it! Oh no, there's a note on the door!
It says, "Boy I used to like to have you around, but now I don't remember what for.
And I got your guitar in the back of my car
and I'm takin' it off to pawn!"
For a long time now, she said she was goin', but now she's really gone.

And I'm sittin' in the taxi with the 5:30 news, just lost the girl I knew I'd lose...ah yeah.
Yes, I'm sittin' in a taxi with the 5:30 news, I know every note of these rush hour blues.

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