tip of the bomb


I see your eyes like diamonds shining brightly
Tiger tiger in the jungles of the night
I see you floating on your heels stepping lightly
Between the burning shadows in your sight
You’re the beauty of Bleeker St. they tell me
You’re the Lady of this pauper’s Lord
In the church where they Heaven’d and they Hell’d me
You laughed just to keep from getting bored

Welcome to the brand new revolution
Welcome to tomorrow on the run
Welcome to our shiny institution
The brand new beginning has begun

You seen me bare my fangs like a cougar
You seen me with my back against the wall
You heard the ringing bang of my Luger
You heard someone scream and someone fall
Today I got my orders from the Captain
Today I heard the voice of the Christ
I don’t understand how he could let this happen
He says peace always pays a bloody price


You and I were meant for each other
You and I we’re bound and tied
I’ve been runnin’ since they killed my brother
You’ve been runnin’ since your last dream died
Keep lookin’ straight ahead don’t act suspicious
Keep your cool or they’ll keep you cold and dead
Yes the guns of the guards are gleaming vicious
At the gate near the border up ahead


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