tip of the bomb

Plastic Jesus

She tied a red bandanna ‘round her arm
To hide her black tattoo
She had a .357 full of flat-nosed slugs
That did what it needed to do
She had her Link Wray on the radio
Oh Jack he was rippin’ it up
She poured a cold Coca-Cola between her legs
Into a half-full whiskey cup

And it’s Hallelujah praise the Lord
For two lanes and a tuned-up Ford
Keep your eyes wide-open in the middle of the night
Plastic Jesus in dashboard light
Plastic Jesus in dashboard light

She pulled into town late last night
With a tank full of nothin’ at all
She found the gasoline, found the cigarette machine
And cut her hair in the lady’s room stall
She got a heart like an armadillo
She got sneaky sidewinder eyes
She got a mouth like Mary Magdalene
Her lips both drip with sighs


She drove 3 days from Vegas
Black coffee and a little white cross
She had no idea where she was goin’
But it kept her from gettin’ lost
She was nervous as a henhouse
When the farmer’s gone to get the ax
She had a hundred thousand dollars in unmarked bills
Behind the back seat in a laundry sack


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