tip of the bomb


In the middle of the bottle, in the middle of the night,
Before I get loose man I gotta get tight.
Here I am again, half passed two,
A chip on my shoulder and a shine on my shoe.
Gonna meet my friends at that roadhouse shack.
The front door's locked so you go around the back.
Harmonica Brown and Cowboy Slim over in the corner singin' barroom hymns
And Cool-Cat Collins plays doghouse bass
For the girl on the table with the paint on her face.
Let the rock roll mama, shake your fanny,
Hootenanny! Hoot-hootenanny!

Kick open the door, no need to knock.
Freddy, get steady, get ready to rock.
Them local girls, they're sweet as candy,
They're all goin' down to the hootenanny!

Old one-eyed Jack, back behind the bar,
Serves moonshine whiskey in a jelly jar.
That stuff's so strong it'd make a snowstorm melt.
Put a smile on your face, start a fire below your belt,
Leave you half blind feelin' fine and dandy,
Hootenanny! Hoot-hootenanny!


Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!
If I wanna get down, I gotta get higher.
Don't you hear the music, can't you feel the beat,
Rattle your bones from the bottom of your feet?
Come on down, It don't cost a penny.
Hootenanny! Hoot-hootenanny!


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