tip of the bomb

Henry Died in Dm

Henry called the tune, then he counted 3,2,1...
And that band crashed out that brothel dirge "The House of the Rising Sun."
He had no idea it'd be the last song that he'd play.
Before they reached the chorus, good old Henry passed away.

Well he played all his life,
though he never played that great.
But, he never was alone and always had food on his plate.
He was known as a good man in the woods of Carolina.
But, last night he died in the key of D minor.

Henry had a lady, Henrietta was her name.
She was a different kind of wallflower droopin' in the rain.
And the last time I saw her, an ocean she cried.
The night her dear old Henry died.

Henry! Oh, Henry! You don't look so well!
Are you risin' to Heaven, or writhin' in Hell?
Are you bound to play a holy harp or blow a hellish horn?
Henry you been dyin' since the day that you were born.

We all gathered 'round him starin' at his empty face.
Until a woman in the corner started singin' "Amazing Grace."
And the band joined in and one by one we stood behind her
And wailed for Henry's soul in the key of D minor.


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