tip of the bomb

Flesh and Blood

Don't the night feel heavy when it's comin' down
I hear the whole wide world make a weary sound
There's a bad moon risin’ on my good luck plan
There's a black beast writhin’ in the heart of a man
The world's full of teeth, it's just a mean old mouth
It’s gonna chew you up, it’s gonna spit you out
Since life came crawlin' up outta the mud
It's been flesh eat flesh, blood drink blood

Murder’s nothin’ special it's just somethin' that you do
You got to comb your hair. You got to tie your shoe
You got to get what you need, yeah you'll need all you can get
It’s sure thing wager and a sucker's bet
I aint talkin’ ‘bout guilt, I aint talkin’ ‘bout remorse
I'm just talking ‘bout lettin' things take their course
The Spider and The Fly and The Garden and The Flood
Yeah, flesh eat flesh, blood drink blood

Glory hallelujah gimme somethin' to praise
Somethin' to believe in
Someone to raise
Who makes the flower bloom from the bud
There must be more than just flesh and bloodpress (repeat first verse)

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