tip of the bomb

The First to Know

The night is made of music
And it’s throbbing in the dark
People they are moving
Through the street and through the park
The steeple bells are ringin’ now
And dawn begins threaten
You’re caught between your memories
And the things that you’re forgettin’

I am just a soldier
But I’ve never been to war
Spent my whole life fightin’
But I’ve never known what for
And I’m drinkin’ when I’m thirsty now
And I’m thirsty all the time
But water’s only water here
And wine is only wine

And I’ll send a secret signal
When I feel I’m goin’ down
And I’ll code a special message
Just before I start to drown
And if I hit the bottom
Baby If I sink that low
I’ll make sure that you got ‘em
You’ll Be the First To Know

Once there was a lady but I didn’t recognize her
Every revelation serving only to disguise her
When I finally found her she was patient she was kind
Generous in body, yes and strenuous in mind
Once there was a lady, the lady now is gone
But her ghost is so persistent yes her spirit lingers on
We told ourselves our story
But the story now has ended
Nothing here has been betrayed but nothing can be mended


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