tip of the bomb


Well she smiles and she says
oh yes Emily’s my name
It’s a little bit old fashioned
But it’s pretty just the same
She’s the girl that I saw
On the street with her guitar
She was staring at the ground
Trying to find a fallen star

Oh I see it in her eyes
Yes her heart is paper thin
And I’m standing in the shadows
In my chalky pool-hall skin
We talk about the weather
And we talk about we talk about our friends
But my mouth never seems to say
The world my heart intends

E-M-I-L-Y oh why
Must I love her like this
I need so much to taste the touch
Of such a tender kiss
If it was up to you
What you would do
Is be true and tell her all the things I don’t
If I could I swear I would
And I should
But I can’t
So I won’t

Well she smiles and she waves
And I laugh and say so long
As she walks to the corner
Then she turns and then she’s gone
So I sit and I spit rub my chin and scratch my head
Talking to myself
Bout all those stupid thing I said


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