tip of the bomb

Blue Turns Black

No I don’t remember how the sadness began
It was too close to escape from by the time that I ran
Now it sits beside me like a shadow I can’t shake
And my spirit is so broken now there’s nothin’ left to break

Yes I lost my girl and that’s sad and that’s true
Then I lost my faith in the friend I had in you
But that does not explain why I feel such a sting
When I feel like I fell I can’t feel anything

Yeah, now I know there ain’t no turnin’ back
As the day turns to night
And the blue turns to black
I have seen some sadness and I have lacked the loss
I have had the heartache honey I have payed the cost
I have seen them ghosts in the middle of the night
But see one like me and be blinded by the sight


I used to be so happy baby I used to be so bright
I used to feel the seal of the lord of the light
Now I lost my nerve yeah somehow I lost the knack
I was blue yes it’s true now this blue is turnin’ black


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