tip of the bomb

Alright, Tonight

Don’t the nighttime come on slowly
Don’t the nighttime come on holy
Ain’t the nighttime only the end of the day, no way

Hear the nighttime tough and tender
Hear the night and you might remember
The sound of the night sounds right when you hear me say, oh yeah

Tonight, alright there is no limit
Tonight, alright baby let’s begin it
Tonight, alright
She said, alright, tonight I’ll stay

Don’t the nighttime taste so wicked
Find a nighttime star and wish it
A wish you’d wish for a kiss you’d kiss with me, wait and see
Don’t the nighttime seem so desperate
You and I could settle for less but
There’s a light in the dark of the night you’ll see, come with me


Everybody needs somewhere to turn
Everybody needs something to learn
Everybody needs the day to yearn
Everybody needs the night to burn


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