tip of the bomb


Past the dawning darkness
Baby halfway to the sun
Hoping hard and holding tight and
Always on the run

My Love is like a refugee
Like Brotherhood in effigy
My Heart is like a gypsy song
It knows how to be, but not how to belong

And there is no vivid vision
There is no sacred sight.
On my not-so-secret mission
To the middle of the night.

Passed the gas fires burning
In the ghastly factory sky
Passed them sirens singin’
All their luckless lullabies
My mind is like a wounded wing
A heavy awkward useless thing
My thoughts are like the prayer you pray
When you don’t believe the words you say



Shrouded in this thin facade
Crowded in the land of Nod
The seed that’s spilling from the pod
Is offered to a golden god
And somewhere in the needy night
I heard a word of blazing light
And on our desperate road of flight
We hold our breath and hold it tight


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