tip of the bomb

Lady Lucy’s Soulfood Emporium

Louisiana back road, cajun lagoon,
I got bourbon on the brain and I smell like perfume.
Well, I spent last night with a voodoo queen.
She had a smile like a reptile and eyes like James Dean.
I got Zydeco on the radio and there’s only one place that I want to go.

Well, I drive down past that burnt out church,
Take a left turn at that gallows birch.
I met a man at the crossroads dressed in black,
He’s got a cane made of silver and a smile full of gaps.
He says, “boy I know what you came here for”,
And he took me by the hand and lead me right up to the door to get

Hog backs, pigs feet and black-eyed peas,
Her grits and gravy make me fall to my knees.
I need a big plate of ribs that’ll stick to mine,
Corn on the cob and watermelon wine.
I want some fuel for my spirit gonna get me some,
Down at Lady Lucy’s Soulfood Emporium.

Well, she’s a big bad mamma with her hair in a net.
She’s got a smile like a piano and I just bet
That if you ask real nice she’ll show you her tattoos.
She got one on her shoulder that says “born to lose”.
She’s got one on her heart of a black angel in blue,
Cookin’ dinner for sinners like me and you.

Well if you got the cravin’ buddy, if you got the need,
You put the pedal to the metal and pick up that speed.
For fresh blackberry pie and pink lemonade to wash it down,
Lord I was lost, but now I’m found.

Bless us our lord and these thy gifts,
That have left this shine on my smilin’ lips.
I been newly baptized in your bar-b-cue sauce,
Born again and come down from the cross.
For salvation from the crematorium
Go to Lady Lucy’s Soulfood Emporium.

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