tip of the bomb

Garden of Eden

I remember the garden golden green and blue
The berries burst where the brambles grew
The nightingale sang black songs to the moon
From the orchids with petals like silk
And I remember the Angel with the sword made of fire
His wings spread wide with the ache of desire
He raised his blade and the flames climbed higher
His eyes were white like milk
And I wake in the night blinded by this dream
My tongue tangled between a sigh and a scream
In the land of Nod the day is for sleepin’
And the night is for dreamin’ of the Garden of Eden

And dark lady evening I remember you too
Dancing through the meadow where the green grass grew
Naked as an animal and writhing in the dew
Smilin’ like a child in the sun
And I remember you standin’ beneath the ancient tree
Reachin’ from your toes to the sky for me
I needed understanding and you needed to be free
And I am not ashamed of what we’ve done
But history is a mystery where the truth always hides
In the space where the good and the evil divide
And I know I could find the true love I’m needin’
If I could return to the Garden of Eden

In the beginning there was nothing but everything and all
And I loved you in the springtime and I loved you in the fall
And when I was an outcast you were an outlaw
And it only made me love you stronger still
But I’ve been misunderstood and you have been scorned
First by our father then by our children born
But I remember the sweet green promise we’ve sworn
And I swear I always will
Though here now the night is filled with ink
And I can’t see the stars from the street through the stink
But I’ll follow this road ‘til my feet are bleedin’
And meet you at the gates of the Garden of Eden


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