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Today marks the birthday of environmentalist/philosopher/mathematician/Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. While not exactly a day for celebration, it is a day to look back at a time before the internet, before Katrina, before Wikileaks, when a new digital environment was being created even as the actual, natural environment continued to become even more embattled. People argued about [...]

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Art, Nudity, the F.B.I. and You

Jounalist William T. Vollmann has a reputation for edgy writing: He’s smoked crack with hookers in San Francisco, marched with the mujahideen in Afghanistan during their war with Russia in the ’80′s and covered the Bosnian War in the ’90′s. Vollmann is no shrinking violet, but is he a domestic terrorist? In a recent NPR [...]

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Man and Manifesto

Hello, I pulled on a red hoodie sweatshirt and headed for an annual Halloween celebration at a house down the street from my apartment. This was a few years ago and even though it was after dark, I was wearing a pair of black sunglasses. Arriving a the fete, I found myself surrounded by monsters [...]

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